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Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza!

July 25, 2014


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 End U.S. aid to apartheid Israel! Stop the Zionist bombing of Gaza!

The U.S.-backed racist, colonialist, apartheid Zionist entity known as Israel is once again saturation bombing the Palestinian people and destroying the infrastructure of the world’s largest open air prison—the Gaza Strip—a slip of land roughly 26 miles long by 5.5 miles wide.

Gaza’s 1.82 million Palestinian residents, many driven by force and violence from their land and homes throughout historic Palestine over the past 66 years, are compelled to live in one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Unemployment stands at 80 percent.

For the third time since Israel’s 2008-9 three-week air bombardment and ground occupation that slaughtered 1400 Palestinians (14 Israelis died), the beleaguered masses are being subjected to a murderous invasion of 50,000 Israeli “Defense” Force (IDF) troops, accompanied by tanks, and supported by massive air strikes, cross-border mortar and artillery bombardments, and unending offshore naval shelling from Israeli gunboats.

Israel employs one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful military apparatuses, replete with advanced fighter jets, helicopter gun ships, a naval armada and well-equipped land forces. And in turn, the Zionist state confronts a comparatively disarmed people. Even Israeli officials have mocked Gaza’s rocket-making capabilities as little more than the efforts of a cottage industry, which they contemptuously refer to as “high tech.” Most of the rockets used by Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, are homemade devices filled with fertilizer, ammonium compounds, and other explosive materials. Although some rockets, designed to emulate relatively sophisticated Syrian and Iranian models, have a range allowing them to reach most of Israel’s cities, they are notoriously inaccurate.

Casualties from the beginning of the Israeli aerial attacks on July 11 until the July 17 IDF invasion stood at 250 Palestinians dead, and thousands wounded and/or left homeless—in contrast to one Israeli killed. According to the UN, almost 80 percent of the deaths were civilians—including many children. Israel suffered not a single casualty via the 1500 Hamas rockets fired. The one Israeli dead was from a mortar fired across the border.

The first week of the land invasion saw the number of Palestinian deaths escalate to over 750—mainly civilians—with no end in sight for the carnage. Three hospitals and 15 other health facilities were hit by Israeli fire during the first week of the invasion, while nearly 500 houses were destroyed. Israeli tanks shelled the UN school in Beit Hanoun on July 24, killing at least 15 people. Many civilians were in the building at the time who had fled there for supposed safety after being driven from their homes by bombing.

Here’s an on-the-scene account from Dr. Mona El-Farra in Gaza City, written in the early hours of July 19: “The Israeli tanks and airforce are bombing continuously. They are targeting Al-Shajaiya neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City. The airforce is flying planes very low and they are shelling houses. They are shelling everywhere, hitting many houses. People are dying. The Israeli occupation dehumanizes us by killing us while we are sleeping.

“The ambulances are trying to reach the dead and injured and transfer them to hospitals but many ambulances couldn’t pass.

“Tens of wounded people, old and young, are stranded. The ambulances can’t reach them to help. Tens of bodies are in the street or buried in the rubble. My friend Hani is a father in Al-Shajaiya and his wife is pregnant. He called me and told me that it’s not possible for the ambulance to reach them. He is scared that they will die there before the ambulance reaches his family because there is bombing everywhere.

“The number of people killed is increasing every minute because medical teams can’t reach the area and people are bleeding. People are running, terrified in the streets. Many families, many children are leaving the Al-Shajaiya neighborhood coming to Gaza’s city center. Women, men, children are walking and running. I can see a woman carrying her baby and terrified children around her. They are running to escape the smell of death.

“The bombs and the shrapnel are falling like rain on us. They are made by your governments: England, USA, Australia, etc. It is better to use these funds for health and education.

“What kind of humanity is this? What kind of modern society is this? This is what the Israeli occupation is doing and all the while using propaganda to try to hide the truth. I call on everyone in this world; don’t say that you didn’t know. I am telling you right now and you can hear me. This occupation, this massacre, is protected by a silent world.

“Wake up. Don’t remain silent.”

What limited infrastructure existed in Gaza before this new Zionist war is today being systematically targeted, destroyed, or severed by Israel, including basic water supplies, sewage systems, and electricity generation. Even before the July 17 attack, 90 percent of Gaza’s water supply, heavily salinated and saturated with poisonous chemicals stemming from ground water seepage of fertilizers, was deemed by world experts as unfit for human consumption, if not for basic agriculture irrigation. Today, most Gazans are largely without any regular supply of water!

The people of Gaza have been subjected for decades to an Israeli embargo/blockade wherein even basic foodstuffs are frequently denied entry, as are essential medical supplies. More than half the population is dependent on UN relief agencies for elementary health care, education, and related social services. No other source of support is available or permitted by Israel.

Directly addressing the plight of Gaza’s people, Hamas spokesman Ismail Haniyeh listed 10 demands as conditions for a ceasefire. “We’ll never go back to the slow death,” Haniyeh said. “Our demands are fair and they are humane. Our people have decided.” The demands, all rejected by the Israeli government, are as follows:

• Withdrawal of Israeli tanks from the Gaza border.

• Freeing all the prisoners that were arrested after the killing of the three youths. (Some 800 were arrested by Israel police and IDF forces.)

• Lifting the siege and opening the border crossings to commerce and people.

• Establishing an international seaport and airport which would be under U.N. supervision.

• Increasing the permitted fishing zone to 10 kilometers.

• Internationalizing the Rafah Crossing and placing it under the supervision of the UN and some Arab nations.

• International forces on the borders.

• Easing conditions for permits to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

• Prohibition on Israeli interference in the reconciliation agreement.

• Reestablishing an industrial zone and improvements in further economic development in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials and media, pre-prepared with a canned rationale aimed at blaming the victims for the Zionist terror, insist that their main targets are tunnels—some from Gaza into Israeli territory and others into Gaza from Egypt, which are used to bring in the rockets being fired today. Yet, every report indicates that the real Israeli targets, in addition to Palestine’s vital infrastructure, are anyone that moves, including Palestinian children sitting on rooftops and children playing on beaches, not to mention residential communities.

According to the July 18 New York Times, General Moti Almoz, the chief Israeli military spokesman, stated, “I will now, uncharacteristically, ask the residents of Gaza to move away from the areas our forces are operating in—they are operating with extreme force” [Emphasis added]. The “generous” murderers sent robo-style phone calls to 100,000 Palestinian homes informing them that they had minutes to evacuate before mass bombings commenced.

Israeli officials insist that while they take precautions to avoid civilian casualties, this is difficult because the pea-shooter rockets are often fired from residential neighborhoods. This rational didn’t fly well with the relatively conservative British-based Human Rights Watch, whose representative, Peter Brouchaert, responded, “We don’t need statements of regret from Israel. We need investigation and an end to the killing.”

Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, speaking of a claimed tunnel from Gaza that supposedly led to an Israel border settlement, stated in a July 17 interview that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed great “restraint” and paid a high “political price” for not invading sooner. Oren added, “Essentially Hamas,” the elected governing party of the Palestine Authority in Gaza, “invaded Israel first.”(!)

The “political price” paid by the “civilized” Netanyahu meant that he had to endure the mad calls from fanatical right-wing Israeli groups that demanded blood, including slaughtering Palestinian women to stop them from reproducing more Palestinians. This kind of “dialogue” is not uncommon in Israel but largely excluded from the corporate media in the U.S. After all, Israel is a civilized nation!

Origins of the Israeli settler state

Israel did not exist before 1948, when the World War II imperialist victors, meeting at the United Nations, decreed that an Israeli state was to be carved out of historic Palestine, then a British “Mandate,” a polite imperialist word for colony. The Zionist colonizers were granted 56 percent of the country.

Great Britain originally “acquired” Palestine following the World War I conflagration and worldwide slaughter that resulted in the victors’ division of the vanquished Ottoman Empire. England and France, which in the 19thcentury had partaken in the colonial subjugation and division of Africa, set out to do the same in the Middle East. Pencils and pens in hand, a host of diplomats divided up the Ottoman Empire and assigned the sections outside Turkey itself to the French and British imperialists.

Previously, in 1917, the Zionist movement, promising to be Britain’s colonial overseers in Palestine, had reached an accord with the British Empire, via the Balfour Declaration. Signed by the British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour and the British Zionist leader, Baron Walter Rothschild II, the agreement read in part: “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

The latter portion of this declaration was included to portray the British Empire and its associated Zionist colonizer allies as merely living side by side with their Palestinian “neighbors.” However, 90 percent of the population of Palestine at that time was made up of Palestinian Arabs.

Perhaps the leading ideological forbearer of “Revisionist Zionism” was Vladimir Jabotinsky, who authored the benchmark essay for the entire Zionist movement, “The Iron Wall.” (The earlier form of Zionism, with pacifist and socialist tones, nevertheless contemplated establishing a Jewish homeland to be carved out of some conquered nation with the approval of its imperialist conqueror. South Africa and Uganda were among the nations that had been considered for this project.)

In 1923, Jabotinsky spelled out the Zionist credo without equivocation: “Whether through the Balfour Declaration or the [British] Mandate, external force is a necessity for establishing in the country [Palestine] conditions of rule and defense to which the local population, regardless of what it wishes, will be deprived of the possibility of impeding our colonization, administratively or physically. Force must play its role—with strength and without indulgence. In this, there are no meaningful differences between our militarists and our vegetarians. One prefers an Iron Wall of Jewish bayonets; the other an Iron Wall of English bayonets.”

Jabotinsky continued: “To the hackneyed reproach that this point of view is unethical, I answer, ‘absolutely untrue.’ This is our ethic. There is no other ethic. As long as there is the faintest spark of hope for the Arabs to impede us, they will not sell these hopes—not for any sweet words, not for any tasty morsel, because this is not a rabble but a people, a living people. And no people makes such enormous concessions on such fateful questions, except when there is no hope left, until we have removed every opening visible in the Iron Wall.” (For a comprehensive overview, see Socialist Action’s pamphlet, “The Hidden History of Zionism” by Ralph Schoenman.)

European Jewish immigration to Palestine increased dramatically following Hitler’s coming to power in 1933. Jewish land purchases and new Jewish settlements rapidly ensued. Palestinian resistance to British control and Zionist settlements climaxed with the massive Arab revolt of 1936-39, which Britain brutally suppressed with the help of Zionist militias.

Within days of the 1948 partition of Palestine, Zionism’s terrorist armies, this time with British weapons in hand, declared war on the Palestinian people, inside and outside of the new Zionist state, as well as on all surrounding Arab nations that rejected the UN’s imperialist partition. Three hundred eighty-five Palestinian villages were razed to the ground, renamed, and reconstituted as Israeli towns. In the course of this 1948-49 war and expansion of Israel, 726,000 Palestinians were driven from their land, with many moving to Gaza and the West Bank (of the Jordan River) or dispersed to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere. With the destruction of their towns and villages, “vacated” Palestinian land was decreed Israeli state property under the 1950 “Absentee Property Law.”

Until 1947, Jewish land ownership in Palestine was 6 percent. The rest belonged to the Palestinian people. Today that figure is essentially reversed. Palestinian lands have been systematically stolen by force. By 1949 Israel occupied 78 percent of Palestine. Following the 1967 Six-Day War, the percentage was increased to 100—that is, Israel occupied all of historic Palestine.

The so-called Occupied Territories of 1967 were and remain subject to the systematic construction of Israeli settlements, despite the vague 1995 “Oslo agreement,” wherein Gaza and the West Bank would be under the jurisdiction of a Palestinian Authority, whose leaders were to be elected by Palestinians in that 22 percent of the original Palestine. But Israeli settlements in both “territories” continued without interruption, as they do to this day.

The three million Palestinian occupants of Gaza and the West Bank are essentially banned from leaving their new and now “legalized,” and re-occupied, territory. These economically and socially unviable Bantustans are daily subject to Israel military control, including a myriad of militarized checkpoints, walls, separate roads for Israelis, and other measures that render them little more than prisons regulated by Israeli troops, guards, and financial interests. With regard to Israeli’s relentless construction of settlements in these areas, UN resolutions and/or “international laws” that supposedly regulate relations between states and people and that prohibit such land seizures have been ignored with impunity—and always with total U.S. complicity.

 Zionist apartheid vs. South African apartheid

 Zionist colonization differs significantly from the classical European form, in which the conquered indigenous population is subjected to near slave-like conditions aimed at providing a near-free labor force for European industry and agriculture. In contrast, the Israeli variant was and remains based on the physicalexclusion of all Palestinian labor and its replacement with Jewish workers and settlers from all over the world. The latter are granted immediate citizenship based on their Jewish heritage, as opposed to Palestinians, whose rights are largely restricted regardless of how many generations their forbears lived in Palestine. Israel is formally a “Jewish state.”

In this sense, South African apartheid also differed significantly from its Israeli variant. The South African colonists, less than 10 percent of the population, maintained the fiction that South Africa was “legally” for whites only. Blacks were relegated to non-citizen status and required pass cards to work in the “new” South Africa. Others were held in artificially created and isolated Bantustans (“Black homelands” or “Black states”), geographically separate and apart from South Africa, as with Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, and Ciskei.

No nation except the apartheid South African government recognized this “legal fiction.” No one denied that these “homelands” operated merely to provide a reserve labor supply for South Africa’s capitalist enterprises, especially its mining industries. South Africa’s colonial settlers, with their ingrained racist/colonialist mentality, deemed these poverty-stricken enclaves “independent nations.”

In Israel, Palestinian labor barely exists, with the Zionist regime’s needed labor force, not including Jews, largely consisting of immigrants from poor nations. Jabotinsky’s conception is fully operative. The Palestinian identity is to be eradicated. Palestinians are to be driven out! Israel is for Jews only!

This is not to detract from the horrors created by European colonization. In Africa’s Congo, for example, King Leopold II of Belgium murdered 12 million Congolese in the 19th century, the largest genocide in history. The French, British, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese imperialists similarly murdered literally tens of millions while enslaving and exporting countless millions of others.

It is in this broad colonial context that the June 13 disappearance of three Israeli teenagers, which is still unexplained, must be evaluated. Without proof, the Zionist government immediately declared Hamas, the Islamic current that formally represents Palestinians in Gaza guilty—despite Hamas denials.

A “revenge” campaign was immediately launched in the West Bank. Entire towns were sealed off by Israeli government forces. Palestinian homes were systematically broken into. Some 800 people were instantly arrested and charged with being supporters of Hamas. (In fact, Israel is continuing to hunt down alleged Hamas supporters in the West Bank and in Israel itself.) And yet, Hamas, declared by the U.S. to be a terrorist organization, is held responsible for starting yet another war with the “peace-loving” and “democratic” Zionist and colonialist Israel.

This government-created hysteria resulted in three far-right Israelis, including two teenagers, taking action. They kidnapped, clubbed, doused with gasoline, and burned alive the innocent Palestinian youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir. These murderers were soon captured by Israeli authorities and charged with “terrorism.” The same day, however, war was declared on the Gaza Strip, with death and destruction wrought on the innocent civilian population ever since.

One can only recall Hitler’s rounding up hundreds of civilians in Nazi-occupied cities, and ordering one person shot each minute until someone stepped forward to reveal the names of the resistance fighters who had courageously challenged and killed a handful of Nazis soldiers.

In a similar vein, any Palestinian who resists Israeli oppression, occupation, and confiscation of their land and property, and the slaughter of their people is deemed a terrorist. Nelson Mandela and Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta, resistance fighters who became presidents of their nations, were similarly declared terrorists.

George Washington, who resisted British colonial occupation and oppression in the 18th century, and who used force and violence to win America’s freedom, was also deemed a terrorist. Before Washington was able to form regular armies to resist British rule, he too employed guerrilla tactics and primitive weapons to challenge the British Empire’s occupying armies.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration, like all other U.S. administrations before it, swears allegiance to the Israeli state power, which it arms and finances to the tune of $3.1 billion yearly, the largest sum gifted to any nation on earth. The vast portion of this “foreign aid,” it is worth noting, is spent on the purchase of military equipment from the largely monopolized U.S. military-industrial complex. That is, funds spent on arming Israel to the teeth are returned to the U.S. to beef up the coffers of U.S. war profiteers.

Growing worldwide opposition to Zionist Israel

Since the formation of Israel in 1948, systematic war against the Palestinian people has been the rule, not the exception. In 1948, no Arab nation recognized the legitimacy of this colonial racist state, carved out of Palestinian land. Indeed, leading American philosophers and scientists opposed the formation of the Zionist state, including renowned scientist Albert Einstein, who rejected an Israeli offer to become Israel’s first president. Einstein expressed grave concerns that the victims of the Nazis holocaust not become the colonial persecutors and overseers of the Palestinian people.

Today, some 66 years later, perhaps the world’s most well-known living scientist, particle physicist Stephen Hawking, refused to participate at a scientific gathering in Israel. In recent days and months, Hawking has been joined by a constant flow of leading U.S. academic and professional associations that have added their voices to the growing BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement protesting Israeli’s policies. The 1.5 million-member Presbyterian Church voted in early July to condemn Israeli’s murderous policies toward the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the world is ablaze with unprecedented protests, exceeding any others in history, condemning the Zionist state. Hundred of thousands have taken to the streets in England, France, and across Europe. In the U.S. almost daily mobilizations have been organized across the country, with several thousands participating in actions in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, and other cities. In almost all instances, these actions have been initiated by U.S.-based Palestinian and associated Arab organizations and supported by a myriad of antiwar and social justice organizations. Indeed, the largest U.S. antiwar organization, the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), at its national conference two years ago of 800 activists from 30 states, nearly unanimously adopted the demand, “End all U.S. Aid to Israel—military, economic, and diplomatic.”

For a democratic, secular Palestine

I will conclude this admittedly angry essay by stating that Socialist Action has never recognized the legitimacy of the Zionist entity called Israel. Nor have we done so with regard to the overseers of any colonized nation on earth, whether in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, or anywhere else. We have always stood on the side of and in solidarity with the oppressed masses of the world who challenge their colonial or neo-colonial subjugators.

We likewise reject imperialism’s originally imposed division of the Middle East into separate states, dependent on and ruled by imperial occupiers or their agents. These divisions—these lines on maps drawn by conquerors—artificially divided or incorporated peoples with diverse origins, histories, languages, and cultures. Today’s tragic unfolding events in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon—and indeed, throughout the Middle East—are testimony to the deadly effects of imperialist divisions.

Zionist Israel is nothing less than an imperialist creation that is administrated, tragically, by Jewish people—whose forebears were subjected to the monstrous Hitlerian holocaust. Today, Palestinians constitute the largest refugee population in the world. At more than four million, expelled from their land and homes, tortured, murdered and denied basic human rights, they are a beleaguered people struggling for their freedom and dignity.

Socialists do not demand “negotiations” or a “ceasefire” or a “just solution” to the “Palestinian problem”—all code words or expressions that are premised on extending legitimacy to the Zionist state, including its expulsion of the Palestinian people.

Socialist Action supports the 1973 historic demand of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) for a “Democratic Secular Palestine” with the right of return to all dispossessed Palestinians should they choose to exercise it. Achieving this demand would entail the rejection of the Israeli settler state and the re-establishment of historic Palestine with democratic rights for all—Palestinians, Jews, and Christians.

“Free, Free Palestine!”—a demand increasingly shouted out by antiwar activists and supporters of Palestinian freedom around the world—likewise strongly implies the abolition of the Zionist and racist settler state of Israel.

At the same time, we understand that the Palestinians can never achieve true self-determination in the context of capitalism. We fight for a socialist Palestine, as we do for a socialist confederation of the Middle East. The revolutionary mobilization of the vast majority is a pre-requisite for this outcome. Anything less can only mean continued subjugation to the imperialist ruling rich and their appointed agents.

These are not revolutionary abstractions. They are based on our rejection of the colonialist and neo-colonial occupations and wars that are the rule today in that region. Revolutionary socialists support the right of all oppressed and colonized people to self-determination—free from colonial rule.

Today, the central imperial power in the Middle East is the United States. Free from U.S. intervention in its myriad forms, the people of the Middle East would have long ago ridden themselves of local would-be tyrants. These tyrants, as with the Nouri al-Maliki government in Iraq, exist only at the behest of the U.S., which finances, arms, and directs its brutal puppet dictators in order to facilitate the exploitation of each nation’s resources and peoples. “Regime change” is imperialism’s current code word for replacing one dictator with another, provided only that the new appointees protect U.S. interests.

In the United States, we demand, “End all aid to Israel!” We call on the world’s working masses everywhere to take to the streets to demand, “Stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza!” and “End the Israeli blockade!”

Socialist Action photo by Tony Savino: Participants in New York City protest against Israeli invasion of Gaza. 

Free Jane Doe Now! Fire Katz! Protest Outside DCF!

July 25, 2014
j4j pic





Free Jane Doe Now! Fire Katz! Protest Outside DCF! 

Wednesday, July 30 @ 5:30 PM
DCF Headquarters – 505 Hudson St., Hartford, CT

CT DCF’s torment of Jane Doe is far from over. On July 13, DCF ordered that Jane be moved to the CT Juvenile Training School, a locked facility for delinquent boys. DCF claims this happened as a result of an altercation with other girls at the Pueblo unit (the girls’ facility Jane was transferred to when released from prison), but all the girls were involved in the fight to the same degree – yet only Jane was punished by being transferred to a boys’ facility. DCF is responding to Jane’s status as an outspoken survivor of abuse at their hands and using her gender identity to punish her. The transfer occurred without her lawyers being notified, in the middle of the night. It occurred in spite of the original placement ruling by a judge, who articulated explicitly that Jane is NOT to go to CJTS. Jane feels unsafe and miserable, and her mental health is deteriorating.

We urge all of Jane’s supporters to converge on DCF headquarters and demand real #JusticeForJane. We are demanding that Jane be released from CJTS immediately, and that DCF Commissioner Katz – who has proven time and again to only care about her own reputation and not the basic dignity and safety of the most vulnerable kids in her care – be FIRED. We are continuing to demand the repeal of statute 17a-12, which allowed for Jane’s imprisonment and likely her illegal transfer to CJTS.

Join us! Car pools can be arranged; communicate on this page if you want to take part in that.

Click here for the Facebook event page 

Gaza protesters overcome French ban

July 23, 2014
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Gaza protesters overcome French ban




Over 600 people are dead in Gaza, and millions of workers around the world are speaking out against Israel’s brutal assault on the Gaza Strip. Workers everywhere are standing against genocide and apartheid as well as demanding justice for Palestinians living under military occupation. In London one march reported 100,000 participants. The Palestinian struggle has been a source of inspiration for liberation struggles for decades.


On July 18, the French government banned Palestinian solidarity protests because they were deemed a “threat to public order.” For years, the French government has marginalized immigrant communities from Arab countries. The result of the government’s repression has included uprisings by Arab and Muslim youth.


As we go to press, on July 23, governmental authorities have lifted the ban and granted permission for a mass protest march to be held today in Paris. The protest is organized by the National Collective for a Just and Lasting Peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


Below is a brief interview that Socialist Action reporter Chris Hutchinson obtained several days earlier with a member of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) named Stan. The NPA includes members of the Fourth International (USFI), with which Socialist Action is in fraternal solidarity.


SOCIALIST ACTION: Can you briefly describe the Palestinian solidarity movement in France? How many people have been out protesting in the streets?


STAN: Since the beginning of the air raids on Gaza, there have been many protests in Paris and all over the country, gathering tens of thousands of people. The protests were called by the National Collective for a Just and Lasting Peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which groups political parties of the left, unions, community organizations, and pro-Palestinian activists. But most of the protesters do not belong to any organization and are just working people and immigrants expressing their anger against the Israeli aggression and also against the blatant support that our “socialist” president [François Hollande] is offering to the criminal policies of Israel.


SA: In the U.S., we have seen that Palestinian solidarity marches bring out many from the Muslim and Arab communities. What has been the reaction from the Arab and Muslim communities in France? Why have the marches been banned?


STAN: A vast majority of the protesters come indeed from immigrant communities. The government is trying to use this in order to portray the movement as a simple fight between Muslim and Jewish communities, which should not be imported to France but remain in the Middle East.


On Sunday [July 13], at the end of a 30,000-strong protest in Paris, a far-right Jewish group, the League for Jewish Defense, attacked the protest before fleeing into a synagogue and being escorted out later under strong police protection. Some protesters chased them, but even the rabbi himself testified on TV that no worshippers were injured and that there was no fighting within or in front of the synagogue.


The media pundits and politicians used this to say that the protests were anti-Semitic in nature and were troubling public order—and hence should be banned in Paris and a few other cities.


Most of the traditional left tried to fight the ban, but none of them called to protest the ban in the street except the NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party) and pro-Palestinian solidarity groups. The turnout was huge, several thousand people at least in Paris. The slogans were clear: “Israel murderer, [French President] Hollande accessory!”


SA: What were the circumstances in which the government responded with violence?


STAN: Last Saturday [July 19], maybe 5000 people or more were gathered at a cross street, and we [NPA] were the only organization with a sound system loaded unto a car and banners, so we tried to organize the protest. This was already a statement of the will of the protesters not to be silenced by the government.


Of course, the protest was quickly surrounded by heavily armed cops. We were trying to figure out a way to continue the protest—maybe cutting through the side streets—but suddenly tear gas canisters started raining down. An older comrade told me she had not seen so many since the 1970s! It was mayhem, some people had fits, also because it is the Ramadan and some people could not drink and it was extremely hot, everybody was crying and spitting, kids, old people.


Fortunately we had a few dozen comrades on a strong security detail, maintaining a line with clenched arms and trying to resist the panic and organize a retreat properly. Many people thanked us during and after the protest, saying that if we weren’t there things could have gone a lot worse.


Then the protest kind of got divided because of the chaos, and some protesters were beaten up and arrested. Last week, one guy took a plea bargain for resisting arrest and was given four months in jail! Saturday night, almost 50 people were in custody. Some were released this morning, and I don’t know more at this point, but we’ll keep an eye on what’s happening.


SA: The French government and others have made accusations that anti-Semitic chants have been heard at recent demonstrations in Paris, and protesters have attacked synagogues and Jewish-owned shops. How does the NPA react to these charges?


STAN: First and foremost, while all left political organizations condemned the ban, the NPA was the only one calling to protest it. There is nothing like an “unlawful” protest to put things more in perspective about how you choose to define yourself in regards to the state.


Also, I think our position derives from our general understanding of the situation: many protests in a period of economic crisis can take religious and nationalistic—if not sometimes racist—undertones, and it can be the case in pro-Palestinian protests as much as in any protests. Recently, there were fights against layoffs in Brittany in the meatpacking industry; not only were bosses taking part in the protests but one of the slogans was: “Keep foreigners from taking our jobs!”


Most of the left and unions boycotted it, but we went there and tried to challenge this nationalism. In this Palestine protest we tried not only to help the protest take place but also put forward our demands and effectively counter the reactionary slogans put forward by radical religious groups. It is not by deserting the protests that we will achieve anything.


(NOTE BY THE INTERVIEWER: In a recent statement the NPA had this to say in response: “The NPA condemns, as it has always done, all anti-Semitic acts and ideas, whether they come from the far-right Front National, people like Soral and Dieudonné, or any other dangerous and irresponsible people who would make a mockery of legitimate solidarity with the Palestinians.)


(“Neither the NPA nor the movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people confuse the Jewish population, here or in Israel, believers and non-believers, with the defense of the colonial policy of the Israeli state. This is in contrast to those who claim that all Jews in France support Israel, such as Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions) or the Ligue de Défense Juive (Jewish Defence League), which is calling for pro-Israel demonstrations in front of synagogues. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a religious one, it’s an entirely political one.”)


SA: How can the Palestinian solidarity movement both in France and internationally help win freedom for the Palestinian people, especially those in Gaza? In your opinion, what is the way forward for the Palestinian movement in France and around the world?


STAN: The Palestinian solidarity movement both in France and internationally definitely needs to win momentum in order to put pressure on our governments, which are clearly supporting and collaborating with the Israeli criminal state. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign is another tool to raise awareness.


In a general framework, Palestine is not isolated from what is happening in the whole region. From Morocco to Bahrain people are challenging their government and also standing in support of Palestine. However, Arab leaders give lip service to the Palestinian cause but do not really help.


Socialist Action urges all to participate in solidarity actions wherever possible; this includes a “Call in Week” until July 25:


1) Contact President Obama at (202) 456-1111 and the State Department at (202) 647-4000. Demand that they immediately withdraw U.S. military aid from Israel and call on Israel to immediately end its attacks. Tell them to stop supporting Israel’s crimes with our tax dollars.


2) Call the Egyptian Embassy at (202) 895-5400 and demand they open the Rafah border for injured Palestinians in need of urgent medical care. Alternate number: (
202) 966-6342.


3) Call Boeing. Boeing provides Israel with F-15A fighter jets, Apache AH 64 helicopters, and tungsten or DIME bombs to attack Gaza. Boeing’s headquarters are located in Chicago. Contact Boeing at (312) 544-2140 and demand they stop giving Israel weapons to use against civilians in Gaza.

Black Agenda Report on the Hartford Stadium fight

July 22, 2014

Banksters Demand Black Removal as a Condition of Urban Investment

Katrina left no doubt about the intentions of the folks who run this country, the financial class,” said BAR executive editor Glen Ford, speaking at a Socialist Action forum in Hartford, Connecticut. “The goal is to drastically reduce the Black populations of the cities,” because “the very presence of large numbers of Black people depresses the value of urban assets.” The mayor of Hartford, a mostly Black and Latino city, wants to build a $60 million baseball stadium as a centerpiece of development. However, such schemes are ultimately intended to bring in whites and displace Blacks and browns, as a “prerequisite” for substantial corporation investment in the future, said Ford, at Urban Hope Refuge Church.”

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Chris Hutchinson’s Remarks from the “No Stadium Deal” march and rally

July 22, 2014
stadium 8

No Stadium Deal, People Before Profits!

by Chris Hutchinson a UPS Teamster and member of Socialist Action

Hartford Workers, the unemployed, and their families mostly Black and Latino, face a city government, billionaires like Josh Solomon, and banks that seek to disenfranchise and exploit the labor and resources of oppressed communities to line their own pockets. As it stands official unemployment in Hartford is 12.6% and if you factor in those who are no longer counted because they are demoralized and no longer looking for work we could nearly double that number. “African-American woman working full time, year round made just 64 cents for every dollar a white man made and Hispanic women made just 54 cents.” stadium proposal, that has been cooked up in secret by the mayor, Josh Solomon and their banker friends will only continue to entrench the severe income inequality that already exists in our city. Whether publicly or privately funded the stadium will be a boon for the banks and a bust for those living in Hartford.


In fact a recent New York Times article stated that it may be impossible to find any private backers at all. “To think they could even come up with a third of stadium costs is not possible,” said Miles Wolff, the commissioner of the Can-Am League and the American Association, two independent baseball leagues. “Ballparks don’t make money. That’s why they’re public facilities.”

The public-private partnership that the mayor is now considering is also a scam. It is a way to sneakily transfer costs back on to the public sector through off book accounting to make it look as though expenditures are lower than they actually are. The current economic and financial crisis was caused by the same policies of public-private partnerships as are currently being pushed on Hartford workers by the Mayor.


We’ve known about the corruption in the private sector and how they are less able to manage risk. Hartford working people need to stand together and say not another dime of our hard earned money to the banks. No more concessions to corporations. No more back room secret discussions by politicians and billionaires. We want open and democratic discussions regarding the economic decisions made in Hartford that are accountable first and foremost to the most oppressed in our community.


-Working people in Hartford do not need this stadium! We need our public schools like Martin Luther King Jr. fully funded and repaired.


- We need to End racist discrimination and oppression.

-We need Preferential hiring of Black, Puerto Rican, Latino, indigenous, LGBTQ and female workers to make up for centuries of marginalization from the better jobs.

- We need corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes and not hide behind loopholes and offshore accounts.

- We need a massive jobs program that puts all the unemployed and underemployed back to work with a living wage.

-We need to increase the minimum wage to be a livable wage.


If the Mayor and the billionaires are counting on the people of Hartford to roll over and accept without question their schemes and seedy deals they are dead wrong. We are going to come back again and again to city hall every time we get a whiff of a rotten deal that further disenfranchises and exploits a community that deserves to have a sustainable and beautiful life free of oppression.

No to this rotten stadium deal! No to the Secret Deals! No to the Billionaires! Forward for a Hartford that puts people before profits!

Community Marches and Rallies Against Stadium Deal in Htfd; Monday , July 21, Meet @ 4 pm

July 21, 2014

Hartford Community Marches Against the Stadium Deal

March and Rally to Oppose the Rock Cat’s Stadium Deal


Who: The Hartford Coalition to Stop the Stadium 

When: Today, July 21 

Where: 4 pm:  Meet at 1212 Main St in Htfd, the proposed site for a stadium

4:30 pm: March to City Hall, Htfd

5pm: Rally at City Hall
6-7 pm: Public Hearings at City Hall, 550 Main St

For more info, contact: or 860.593.6392

By now, most people have heard about the proposed $60 million baseball stadium for DoNo Hartford.

  • We know the “deal was done” in secret negotiations for 18 months;
  • we know the “overcooked” numbers about jobs make no sense (see Jeff Jacobs’ Sunday Courant column); and
  • data from 25 years of baseball/stadiums proves they almost never benefit a city but instead create decades of debt service (see Noll & Zimbalist: Sports, Jobs & Taxes: The Economic Impact of Sports Teams and Stadiums) ;
  • and that a much needed supermarket complex got overridden by yet another big ticket development deal imposed by corporate interests and willing city “leaders”

Even if you’re not a Htfd resident, come out to lend your support and solidarity for the grassroots Coalition that is campaigning for a better deal for Hartford residents than a short-sighted baseball stadium.


Forum Video: A Wide Lens on the Rock Cats Stadium Proposal

July 19, 2014

Did you miss our forum Thursday July 17 with Glen Ford? Well check out TSVN’s recording. Thanks to all who attended. Check back here for our next forum.












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