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Palestinian Supporters say, “Stop Israeli Collective Punishment of Palestinians!”

July 8, 2014
7-7 Israel protest

In an emergency response to oppose Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians over 50 people from a broad range of groups rallied in Hartford Monday at rush hour.

With out clear evidence following the murder of three Israeli youth, Israel unleashed attacks on Palestinians including a massive bombing campaign of Gaza, 400 arrests in the West Bank, the lynching of Mohammad Abu Khudair, and the beating of his cousin.

The current campaign of Israeli terror is nothing new. Israel’s military is funded to the tune of 3 billion US tax dollars each year. And with that money Israeli soldiers or settlers have killed a Palestinian youth or child every three days for the last 13 years.

On Thursday we’d like to encourage everyone to attend ANSWER’s Rally against Israel’s collective punishment of the Palestinians.

Thursday, 7/10 5:30pm Amistad Memorial in downtown New Haven

Palestine rally coverage on Fox 61 CT

Rally Monday – Stop Israeli Collective Punishment of Palestinians

July 6, 2014
BoycottApartheidIsrael copy
Please forward widely
500 Arrested, Homes Ransacked and Destroyed, Mohammad Abu Khudair Lynched, His Cousin Beaten and Jailed,  and on and on. Stop Israeli Collective Punishment of Palestinians!
When: Monday, July 7, 4:30-6 p.m.
Where: Old State House Hartford (facing Market St.)    Best GPS:  1 Market Street, Hartford
Then again on Thursday in New Haven
sponsors:    ANSWER,  International Socialist Organization (CT), Middle East Crisis Committee,  Socialist Action (CT),  Students for  Justice in Palestine (UCONN), Tree of Life Education Fund, UNAC CT (others coming)
see viral video at

From the Hartford Stadium Deal to Detroit Water Shutoffs: Glen Ford on the New Corporate Scheme

July 5, 2014
banner copy

A Wide Lens on the Rock Cats Stadium Deal

With Glen Ford, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report

Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, Newark…What can they Teach US About the Plans
of the 1% for Black, Brown, and Working Class Cities?  How Can We Fight Back?
A Socialist Action Forum

Thursday, July 17
Urban Hope Refuge Church
136 Westland Street, Hartford                                                                                                  

Click here to Join the Facebook Event Page

What is going on when a mayor secretly spends 18 months on a deal to borrow
$60 million for a ballpark just after laying off 99 city workers and selling
$34.5 million in city assets?  A deal that will cost $4 million a year in debt
payments alone but will only return $500,000 in annual rent?  Is there more at
stake here than the routine theft of public funds?  Could the new stadium deal
be better than the first?  What is in store for Hartford residents should the
government fail to repay the debt in the coming years?  What can we learn from
other cities like Detroit that are targeted by wealthy scam artists?

The state of Michigan is now using Detroit’s engineered bankruptcy to replace
the elected city government with a state-appointed “Emergency Financial
Manager” who is serving the city on a platter to the very loan sharks who put
it under water.  City revenue is turned directly over to creditors, pensions
are plundered, and now tap water is cut off to tens of thousands of residents
as part of a scheme to privatize the water service.

Hear Glen Ford, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report, help make sense of
the stadium deal and the larger offensive on Black, Brown, and working class

 For more information, call Chris at 860-593-6392

Japanese-American Internment and State Repression Today

September 4, 2012

Japanese-American Internment and 
State Repression Today

With Lorraine Leiko Miyahara
ImageAuthor of:

A True Story
Memories of a Thirteen Year Old Girl, 1941-1944

As war hysteria swept the west coast in 1941 Japanese American Families were forced from their homes and lands by presidential decree, which gave them only forty-eight hours to leave their homes and abandon their businesses. The government confined more than 120,000 Japanese-Americans in internment camps around the country. Both American citizens and resident aliens were treated as grave security threats. Large signs in bold letters were posted everywhere for all persons of Japanese ancestry, listing the areas and boundaries that were affected.

Hear author Lorraine Leiko Miyahara describe her experience in the internment camps as a child and what present assaults on civil liberties mean for people in the U.S. today. To be followed by a discussion.

Sponsored by the Connecticut Coalition Against Indefinite Detention

For more information contact Dan at 860-985-4576


October 16th Campaign Rally Videos

November 1, 2010


Marissa Janczewska – Moderator and member of CCSU Youth for Socialist Action

Frankie Acevedo – Hartford activist

Caryn Jensen – Youth for Socialist Action, Central Connecticut State University

Elsie Arce – Stop the Raids, Trinity College

Ross Caputi - Iraq War Veteran, Founder of Justice for Fallujah Project (

Marty Goodman – Member and former Executive Board Member, Transit Workers Union local 100 NY, NY; leader in the 2005 NY transit strike


Ralph Poynter – Head of the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee

Debate Footage

October 31, 2010

Below is the link to the 3rd debate at the Hartford Public Library.

Hartford Public Library Debate

Campaign Rally Video

October 29, 2010

Thank you to D for putting this together.

More footage soon.


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